hello sunshine

jordyn | 18 | california

i like baseball and boy bands and british things and celebrities and fashion and books and the color pink and using all caps and complaining about my life

i’m done with teenage boys // i keep an open mind (insp)


Lydia x Parrish + 1975 ‘Girls’
↳for Charlie

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pros of turning 18: can legally do the stuff i already do
cons of turning 18: no longer the dancing queen

Out and about in NYC 07/24/14

Out and about in NYC 07/24/14

Dylan O’Brien just hugged a fan who broke down crying. He gave her his name tag from panel. (xx)


baseball is just like an unhealthy relationship. you date for about a month and when you’re getting antsy, they finally ask you to go steady. then they spend 6 months hurting you, making you the happiest person on earth, disappointing you, giving you euphoria, and making you cry. then you break up just in time for the holidays so he doesnt have to buy you a present, then yall get back together in march and try it again. And each time you’re just waiting for a ring.